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Al Ladd and Marilyn Beal

Marilyn and Al  

Marilyn and I have been working together making our wood products since 1997. I started Fine Edge Woodworking in 1982, months after graduating from Amherst College, and we met later that year in the funky old Worcester, MA factory building where I had my first shop, and  Marilyn had a weaving studio.
We moved out to Colrain, in the hills just west of the Connecticut River in 1988, renovating an old barn into a studio/apartment (not to be confused with a studio apartment), and building our house a couple years later . Our home is on land we lease from the Valley Community Land Trust.
We sold our work almost exclusively by wholesaling   through galleries from the dawn of time until 2002, when we built this web site. Now we sell direct to customers all over the Unites States of America, and beyond. Our specialties are spectacular jewelry boxes, end grain cutting boards, small decorative boxes, and increasingly, custom boxes of all kinds.
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