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Large Cherry  and Walnut Chopping Block

Large Cherry and Walnut Chopping Block

The durability, function and beauty of these chopping blocks is unparalleled. They are made from multiple pieces of end-grain, cherry interior framed by black walnut.  An 1.25" thick middle section spanning 2 .5" thick "legs", results in a stable board that feels secure in heavy chopping, yet is still light enough to carry from prep area to table. Ships with a tin of the walnut oil and beeswax finish we use to finish them.
I've been making end grain cutting boards for over 25 years. It's especially difficult to make end grain boards that will last through time and use. Experience matters.
End grain surfaces are easier on your knives, so edges stay sharp for far longer than with other boards. Care instructions.

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12"x16"x2"   out of stock(but see next thumbnail for larger version, in stock)
$195.00, includes shipping

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