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Weathervane Cutting Board

This board is made from solid walnut, red oak, maple, cherry, and jatoba. The exposed surface is end-grain, more than ten times harder than the face or edge grain, yet it's self-healing quality makes it easier on your knives. They really feel different beneath a knife, with a self-healing quality due to the woods vertical fiber orientation.  That's why industrial cutters, such as envelope makers, historically have used end grain cutting boards as a cutting surface, to preserve cutter sharpness. End grain surfaces are easier on your knives, so edges stay sharp for far longer than with other boards. Of course our cutting boards are also beautiful, and  some people simply can't get themselves to cut on them. We put a small keyhole for wall hanging on one side, but they really should be chopped on. Care instructions.

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11" X11" x .875 "
$105, includes shipping 
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