Al Ladd  Custom Hand Crafted Jewelry Boxes


Jewelry Cabinets

We make both wall hung  jewelry cabinets, and  vanity top  cabinets, as well as  custom made  cabinets of all kinds. Our handcrafted jewelry cabinets are exquisite, and built for generations of use. They also match form with function, with features such as slide out pivoting panels for hanging necklaces and earrings, or an  option for a  lock that  can lock a  box with multiple drawers with a single key. Cabinets present perfect canvasses for either fancy inlays or remarkably beautiful exotic figured hardwoods. I usually have a jewelry cabinet or two ready to ship, or I can work with you to create a custom made jewelry cabinet for the ultimate in luxury and personalized beauty.This cabinet is featured in the August  2013 issue of  Fine Woodworking magazine, in the Readers gallery.

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