Tambour Door  Jewelry Cabinet

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Koa tamboured Jewelry Cabinet

Koa  Tambour Door Jewelry Cabinet


This cabinet features  lockable tambour doors that disappear inside the cabinet, revealing six drawers and slide-out panels for necklaces and earrings. The tamboured doors solve the problem of  required clearance for hinged doors, and also create a cabinet that is as attractive and tranquil  with the doors open as with them closed. It packs an enormous amount of jewelry storage into a compact parcel, 16" wide, 14" high and 12" deep. Tambour doors are most familiar to people for their use in roll-top desks, where they rise vertically. Horizontal tambours slide with delightful ease. Here the doors are made from a parquet  diamond lamination, so their quick jog and plunge into the cabinet as the door is opened is a bit magical. enlargement

approx. 16.5"x13.5"x12"
$1950,  including shipping to the Northeast.
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