Large Custom Jewelry Boxes in Koa

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Hawaiian Bouquet Koa Jewelry Box

This box, available in no, one and two drawer versions, features a center medallion of spectacularly curly koa, combining koa with its  Hawaiian companion, mango, along with accent lines in ebony, and cameos from holly and Balinese black palm.

"I received my box this week and it is indeed a beauty! The koa is stunning;  the fine fit and perfect finish make it dance."

sizes: all boxes 10" x 13" X height shown below: 

no drawer old style-   $540    4"      Buy      out of stock

no drawer new style- $650  5.2"      Buy  

 one drawer-                $825   6.4"     Buy   

 2 drawer-                 $1025   7.8"     Buy 

more ready for October, 2015   

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Two drawer: 10" x 13" x 8"     Buy
$1,025.00 --shipping included Out of stock

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