Little Proteus Power Feeder

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Little Proteus power feeder


The feeder is available in kit form in varying levels of completeness to suit your skills and needs.
(see this video for more details on kit levels:)

1) for those with their own CNC routers who can cut their own plywood gears and bearing plates, $116.00 Buy (purchase via Etsy)
2) includes the gears and bearing plates, so only ordinary woodworking equipment is required to build the feeder,$144.00 Buy
3) includes  hardwood parts that control  elevation,  $219 Buy
4) includes the parts for the plywood holders, both for table saw/router, and for band saw$269.00 Buy
All levels are parts only, with much assembly required. Detailed instructions included so no special skills or special tools (except at $116 level) are necessary. Shipping will be USPS in flat rate boxes, so included in price to USA.



Scroll Left power feeder on table saw