Little Proteus Power Feeder

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Little Proteus power feeder

Power Feeder Basics

This page adds depth to this video.

Because the Little Proteus is so inexpensive and usable on such small machines, it's likely that many woodworkers will be considering obtaining a power feeder for the first time. It's important to be clear what a power feeder can and can not do for you.

 A power feeder will not allow you to resaw on a saw that can't resaw well by hand. This requires a sharp blade, a well-tuned saw, a stout fence  as high or nearly as high as the stock, set parallel to the preferred path of  actual blade in place, and sufficient motor power to cut through the stock. If you have all these, a power feeder can make sure the stock is fed at a steady pace and held securely against the fence. It will do that well, and nothing else. This stack of (20) .23" thick cherry boards  was resawn with the Little Proteus from (5) 7.5" x 1.1" billets, 24" long, (4) pieces per billet, in about  ten minutes.