Miniature Mountain  Cutting boards  

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Mountain cutting board

Mountain Sun Rise Cutting Board/Serving Tray

 Here is a small version of my popular mountain cutting board, 5" x 8", x .4" thick.  They're sized just right for small tasks, or for reserving for garlic and/or onions so you don't infuse your larger boards with those powerful smells. They're also great for picnics, or serving a bit of cheese and crackers. Like their larger brethren, they're solid wood,  stabilized from warping by cross pieces, which in this smaller version are tongue and grooved into the central panel, glued just in the middle half to allow seasonal  wood movement. At this price, they make a great gift for many occasions. Buy more than one at a discount!

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Miniature mountain  boards 5" x 8" x .4"
$34.00, with free shipping.  buy
For more than one board, please inquire about shipping discount.
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