Custom Wood  Inlay Boxes

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inlaid unicorn box  
unicorn jewelry box

Custom Wood Boxes

I love making custom boxes of all kinds. My 30 years of box making experience, and fully equipped shop, replete with my custom made CNC router and joinery machine, allow me to do custom work few would dare attempt. This includes elaborate inlays,  carving, relief carving, and all these techniques in combination. Custom wooden  boxes can be humble, when one simply needs a finely crafted box built from some beautiful wood of a particular size, to the elaborately decorative, to the many requests I get for things I never would have imagined.

Here's a  brief guide and glossary to get you started on commissioning a custom box.

Pictured at left is a custom inlaid  jewelry box made as a coming of age present for the client's daughter. I made another with it, and it's  is available for sale.

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9" x 12.2" x 7.5"

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