Cutting Boards

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pinned mortise and tenon boards

Pinned Mortise and Tenon

Cutting Boards

These cutting boards are made from several wood combinations.  From the bottom up they are:

1.walnut border with flame birch center
2. pang panga border with congona center
3. hulabali with ebony pegs
4. arracanga border and congona center
5.walnut border and curly maple center

The woods you haven't heard of  are tropical woods that don't generally reach the American woodworking market, but by using these woods in high-end products woodworkers like myself help bring much needed revenue into underdeveloped areas, otherwise they are likely to be clear cut and converted to agricultural use.  One can say, "Save the rain forest,---buy tropical wood!"

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11"x19"x7/8"    Out of stock
$98, includes shipping
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