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Mountain cutting board

Mountain Sun Rise Cutting Board/Serving Tray

 These handcrafted cutting boards are my new best selling cutting  board. Built as a dual use cutting board or serving tray, they're coved on one side for easy loaded pick up  from a table. Use the coved side as a cutting board, and leave the other side unscathed for display and use as a serving platter. Solid wood , 7/8" thick, stabilized by tapered sliding dovetail end pieces to resist warping common to most striped cutting boards.  We'll include a tin of the walnut oil and beeswax mix we make for a finish for them. I pore through my wood shed looking for the most interesting boards to capture striking landscape, mountain and sky effects from color and grain; because of this they all vary in coloration. Available in three sizes, starting at $85 and a miniature size at $34, including shipping.Click here for enlargement

10" X18" ,$135, incl. ship buy
6.5"- 8" x 16" $110    buy  out of stock
6.5" x 13",   $110 incl. shipping buy out of stock.
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