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Running Pelta Jewelry Box

This handmade jewelry box features an amazing end-grain panel of holly and Peruvian walnut with holly accent. The beveled Peruvian walnut end grain frame with holly inlay lines is cut at a compound angle, and that in turn is set into a compound mitered bird's eye maple frame, which in turn is set into a compound mitered solid birds-eye maple top section of the case. All this means that there's extra room in the interior top, and the open box frames the pattern dramatically (it shows with the box open, as it's solid wood.

 "Hi Al, The (Running Pelta) box arrived yesterday - it is spectacular! So glad I bit the bullet and went with one of your beautiful boxes. ... I know I'll have this box for many, many years, before I reluctantly hand it down to my daughter. Best regards, Joan "

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Two drawer: 8.5" x 13" x 8"
1,350.00 incl. shipping
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2 drawer-bicolor  11"x12.5"x 8.5 "
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2 drawer-tricolor   11x12.5x8. 
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