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Inlaid Unicorn Two Drawer Jewelry Box

The solid bubinga cased box features an oval ebony field with holly and satinwood stars, a holly unicorn with ivory horn entangled in a baliwood banding, with a celtic knotwork banding of ebony in an oval of arrarcanga. The ebony escutcheon is inlaid with ivory as well (the ivory comes from a supply of old piano keys friends have blessed me with over the years...). The box can be locked by key, and the drawers are locked when the top is closed by a settable switch that allows for a non-locking mode. This  jewelry box was  a custom request for a client, and I couldn't resist making a spare while I was at it.

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9" x 12.2" x 7.5" buy 
$2,900.00-includes shipping   sold!
I have a completed inlaid oval ready to be inlaid into a box. Contact me for details!

Scroll Left handmade custom unicorn inlaid jewelry box detail of unicorn  custom inlay custom unicorn jewelry box side view inlaid unicorn box open view