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Moonrise Hawaiian Koa Box

Moonrise Hawaiian Koa Box   


The solid wood lid of this box features a maccassar ebony variegated sky, studded with genuine silver stars, and a holly moon rising behind two ranges of koa mountains, in an ebony frame. The top is an enlarged version of my popular bookmarks. The stars sparkle when your perspective shifts. The box is sized as a writing implement box, but with it's black velvet liner it makes a wonderful small jewelry box or presentation box, especially for necklaces. The lid pivots on brass pins inserted through the ebony side extensions, and is held open in vertical position by carefully machined stops. The solid koa sides are through dovetailed with precise, delicately cut joints. A contemporary crafts classic.  9 1/4 " x 3 1/2 " X 2.5H"

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