Al Ladd  Fine Edge Woodworking

Here are a few responses we've received from people after seeing their newly purchased jewelry box, cutting board or other finely crafted gifts. We love hearing from satisfied customers, and take very seriously the trust they place
 in us in buying expensive work they have seen only in pictures. We think of the recipient every step of
the long process of creation, as we strive for perfection.

I LOVE it!! Sorry, I got caught up in work, kids etc and didn’t get around to following up sooner. It arrived completely intact, and I’ve put all my jewelry in it - and I have room to spare! It is both beautiful and highly functional, which I absolutely love.

 Just wanted to drop you a line letting you know I received the jewelry box for my wife and it arrived without any damage.
It’s a masterpiece. The wood looks amazing and it came out perfect.
I didn’t realize you put in the magnets to keep the drawers from falling out, but that’s a really nice touch.
It’s obvious you’ve put a ton of thought into this design.
I’ve been looking for a great box for her for many years and you knocked it out of the park.
She is going to be thrilled, and I am very impressed.
Thank you for what you do.

The book marks were a great hit with all my family in Wash. DC and North Carolina. We gave them to 3 generations of my brother's family--my brother & his wife, their daughter & her husband, and his 3 grand daughters.  They all loved them!  It's hard to find something to please all the different ages, but the book marks were perfect.
We also gave the heart Christmas ornaments to our daughter and my brother and they loved those too. You guys do such great work. They were all so impressed.-Carolyn

Al the box is gorgeous!
It was well worth the wait.
The detail fit and finish is unparalleled.
Bravo and thank you so much!
Albert C

I wanted to thank you for creating such a beautiful cuff link box for me.  My other half is ecstatic about his box and we have begun to fill it up already!
    You provide great service, have excellent communication, and possess amazing craftsmanship. I can't wait to work with you again!-Ris

The cabinet arrived today safe and sound (barely--ups did their best to smash up the box, but were not able to foil your excellent packing job of the interior box...)  It is absolutely beautiful!  It looks perfect with the other furniture, and is truly a stunning piece.  I have great admiration for your craftsmanship.  Thank you so much! -Deborah

I hope this email finds you well.  Thank you so much - the beautiful jewelry box arrived safely yesterday.  Your incredible craftsmanship is found in every detail of the piece, and as a jewelry box it strikes a perfect balance of form and function.  It is so lovely and it was worth the 10+ year wait to find it (no joke, I've been looking for this for a long time).  Thank you for sharing this box with me and please know that it is deeply treasured.-Kanade  

I thought I would send you a quick note to let you know we received the koa jewelry box yesterday.  All I can say is WOW!!!  The cabinet was more beautiful than in the pictures.  I must say Al, you do amazing work and it was a perfect 1st anniversary gift for my wife.  Of course, my wife couldn't wait to get all her jewelry transferred over to her new cabinet and after she finished she couldn't take her eyes off it.  It was almost like a kid in a candy store :).  Needless to say, she is greatly pleased and so am I. -Mike and Andrea

I am always extremely pleased with everything I purchase from you. The
wood work and artistic quality are amazing.  -Claire

Hello Marilyn and Al, Your box arrived today, a present for my wife. I've looked for a jewelry box for her for many years, window-shopping on every trip I took, occasionally cruising on the internet. I even doodled some designs with hopes of perhaps acquiring the skill myself to work with wood; but I can't make my hands shape the ideas too well. Anyway, I enjoyed the hunt, but nothing ever was quite what I was looking for. And since a jewelry box was not a necessity, I could afford to wait. As soon as I saw your website, however, I was flabbergasted to realize that I had found what I was looking for. The boxes are all extraordinary, and though I wish I could sit down with each one in turn--weighing their various qualities, opening and closing lids, testing drawers, studying them from different angles--the Arts and Crafts box was an easy decision for me. It brings to mind the feel of certain neighborhoods where I like to walk and look at the gardens and architecture--lots of Maybeck and Morgan houses in the East Bay. It reminds me of my grandmother's old house, of furniture that I never thought anything of, as a kid, but which I appreciate in retrospect, when I look at photographs. Your box evokes that strong sense of the past for me, but I also admire your imagination and experimentation, and your devotion to craftsmanship. True enough, it is a somewhat reckless purchase for me at the moment; but I'm not sorry in the least. In fact I am very glad of it. I only note that to emphasize that the box has far greater value to me than the cost. It's a work of art. I salute your skill and your philosophy. Thank you and best wishes, Barry , Castro Valley, California

We were so excited when you notified us that our tea chest was finished.  It arrived yesterday!  The beauty and craftsmanship exceeded our highest expectation.  The fact that you made the little tea compartments different sizes turned out to be perfect since tea packages from various suppliers around the world differ in size. 
our work is a confluence of beauty, energy and design. Well done

I'm happy to report that the silverware chest arrived safe and sound, and it's absolutely gorgeous!
My husband and I are thrilled with your work and will shortly be ordering more boxes for our serving pieces.  -Julia

The jewelry box you made for me is absolutely beautiful. It will be treasured for many years. I waited a long time to find the "perfect" jewelry box and I'm glad I did. -Cynthia

Received the ring box today and can't stop smiling.  Thank you for helping to create this irreplaceable part of our lives.
We're forever grateful.  You certainly did get to the spirit of her sketch Al. I appreciate
your labour and master craftsmanship.  I truly couldn't have asked for more. It looks identical to her own
sketch that she had sent me while spending months apart. -Jody

Al and Marilyn, thank you so much for the beautiful jewelry box.  I received it yesterday and its everything that I was waiting for.  The wood is beautiful, the workmanship is masterful, the size of the box is perfect, the divisions of space are just right, and I am absolutely thrilled.  I am going to have a wonderful time enjoying this piece of art for the rest of my days.

The box is fabulous (but you know that).  Very well received birthday present.  The pix and descriptions on your website really made it an easy decision and the product is as advertised - well actually better than advertised (the hard part was deciding which box to get). It's also great to be able to buy it in Massachusetts. -Chris

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how well pleased I am with the Moonrise Hawaiian Koa Dovetailed Box that I ordered from your website. The materials, craftsmanship, and eye for detail are very well implemented on this box and I believe it is a classic in the making.  As hard as it is sometimes to buy something without first handling it, I must say, I'm glad I did, with zero regrets. A very lovely box indeed. Thank-you for your commitment to quality...Mark

I received the box today. Wow. I'm honored to be able to gift such a beautiful piece. Thank you for your help!  I'll be telling everyone I know about your site, your awesome service and most of all your incredible art.

All I can say is WOW...Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful piece that was done. This is going to be a fantastic way to present her engagement ring in. I will have to send you pictures of the presentation to possibly use for your site if you would like. Shipping was fast and packaging was perfect, again thank you. This is going to make our moment a bit more special.  -Daniel

I just wanted to write and thank you for the beautiful box!   I am so impressed and it is just lovely!   I can not express how much I appreciate your  craftsmanship and style.   Simply "Outstanding".  -Jeanne

 I received the grand kids treasure boxes yesterday !
 You did a wonderful job, beyond expectations. They will definitely have a special place in the kids lives.  -Richard

We did indeed receive the box and I gave it to my wife this evening.  It is stunning – not a word I use lightly.  The design, craftsmanship, attention to detail and sheer beauty of the Dalbergia Box are in a league of their own.  We could not be happier with our purchase and will recommend your work highly to our friends. -Jason

I received my box this week and it is indeed a beauty! The koa is stunning;  the fine fit and perfect finish make it dance.  It was well worth the wait. -Tammy

The breadboards arrived and they are even more beautiful than I expected.  Thank you very much.  I can't wait to give them to our friends!  -Catherine

I received the Urn you made for my Mothers ashes and I want to thank you for making something so special and perfect.  Thank you for working so closely with me to create something that reflects her so perfectly.   Every inch of it is unique and beautiful.  This is something that will always be cherished. Thank you so very much. - Lisa

 I just received your finely crafted moonrise box and I am very pleased with the outcome. I sincerely
 appreciate your attention to detail, it is exactly what I was after. Thank you very much for doing such a
nice job on this very important item. I placed the necklace in the box last night and as expected, it is a
 perfect fit. It looks fantastic and I don’t think there is any question that she will be thrilled with the whole
package. She’ll be getting it a week from today in Bora Bora. Thanks again for doing such fine work.

 Hi Al and Marilyn, I just received my beautiful boxes and cutting boards. I'm overwhelmed by the artistry
and perfection of your work. I can't even say which piece is my favorite - but I am especially very glad I
gave myself the present of the Koa jewelry box - indescribably perfect! The wood grains, the deliciously
smooth finish...I love, love love it!!! I'm glad I couldn't make up mind to just get 1. This brings back
memories of my grandfather, who was a woodworker (and organic gardener, long before organic
gardening was popular). I wish he could have seen your work: he would have loved to talk to you
 about it. I have a happy childhood memory of being with him in his shop, and listening while he held
 up a chunk of walnut and talked about the beauty of that little piece he would later turn on his lathe.
You have a precious gift - you bring beauty into the world. Thank you with all my heart.

 Al, What can I say.. it is more than I had ever hoped for. I am a believer in the saying 'things happen for
a reason'. I waited for over four years for the first case maker and then he backed out. I was very
disappointed, but had he not done that I would have never found you and ended up with the
exceptional piece of craftsmanship. The inlaid SF crest is absolutely spectacular! I am so thankful
 and honored that you agreed to build this for me, for the other members of SFA 28, and for my
 father and the men of the First Special Service Force. It has been an genuine pleasure working with
you and I wish you and Marilyn the very best. I know firearms are not consistent with your feelings and
 beliefs and I sincerely respect those beliefs. This makes the case extra special to me, as your willingness
 to proceed was a wonderful, kind gesture and tribute to those whom this case represents.
    Thank you again, John

 IT IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! It is far beyond what I even expected. If any of my wife's friend want one
 how much should I tell them it would cost them? Needless to say my wife is ecstatic. She has spent
 days loading it. I got one drawer for my cufflinks. She's filled most of the rest of them. I spent several
weeks looking at jewelry boxes in high-end boutiques around the San Francisco Bay Area, looking for
 just the right thing for my wife's 30th birthday. However, I kept finding that the boxes were either all
form and no function (beautiful looking, but without sufficient organizational spaces) or all function and
no form (just big plain organizers with no detail and no soul). When I came across Al Ladd's website,
I was thrilled-- here at last I found the perfect marriage of the two, and for the same price as I would
 have paid in these boutiques for a lesser product! I bought a new style Koa Box for my wife, and it was
 even more beautiful when it arrived than it appeared on the website. My wife's father and step-father,
 both woodworkers, were deeply impressed with Al's craftsmanship. All of my wife's friends who were
at her party were stunned by the piece, and couldn't stop passing it around. It was quite a hit! In addition
 to that, both Al and Marilyn were incredibly helpful in getting the box to me in a hurry, in time for my
wife's party. I can't recommend their work highly enough. —Dan G., Albany,CA

I did receive the package today and the box is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure you know this, but the pictures don't do your works justice. Thank you so much for your efforts - and for the opportunity to give my wife something truly special on our first anniversary. -Matt I received the Amish Quilt box today. It's beautiful. Every time I examine it, I find another fascinating detail. I assume the squares are glued together on top, but it looks like one solid piece. Amazing. Doug, Los Angeles, California

 Al, Please send a note letting them know. Your cutting boards make the best wedding presents! I used to buy them from a store in Chicago, but then we moved away. I was recently back in Chicago, but the store was gone. I am so glad that I found the website! Especially now because we have moved to Brazil which makes buying and sending gifts over the Internet a necessity. Thanks! Andy

(one Drawer, Inlay Banding Box, Leopard wood Square Banding). Wow! Nice craftsmanship! I am very pleased with your work, the wife will love and cherish this jewelry box. Worth every penny! Thank you, Signed, Matthew, one satisfied customer! Meriden, Connecticut

just want to thank you again for the beautiful, artful, koa wood box. I received it today and I love it! I was looking for something really special and this is it. Sincerely, Susan , Santa Barbara, California

 Thank you Al! The Jewelry box arrived an hour ago and has stopped traffic near my desk. All the women wanted to look at it. You do beautiful work. Tom,Gardena, California

 Hi Al and Marilyn -- I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for our beautiful chopping block. Not only does it add a special look to our newly redone kitchen, but it catches my eye every time I walk by and makes me realize how special this hand-crafted piece is. It's received oohs and ahhs from everyone who's seen it, including a friend who crafts fine furniture. Thanks again, Deb, Newburyport, Massachusetts


Mr. Ladd, I want to thank you for the beautiful chopping block that my husband bought me for a present. I love the wood, the workmanship and the feel of the board. You truly do beautiful work. Your chopping block makes my kitchen look so classy!! Riki, Huntsville, Alabama

 Hi Al, I just wanted to tell you that I received the box last week and it is absolutely beautiful. You did a wonderful job on the box and I could not thank you enough. My jewelry has a beautiful home now. Mai, Harriman, New York

 Hi again Al & Marilyn -- I just received the boxes I ordered this afternoon, right on time. WOW! They are everything I was hoping for. I guess that means that your website pictures really do justice to your products! The craftsmanship is impeccable. Even though I had you gift-wrap the four boxes I ordered, I ended up opening every one just to admire their beauty! Each was more amazing than the last.... The woods you have used are AMAZING! The quilted maple is especially stunning to look at.... I think my favorite is the Craftsman style. The through-tenons on the front are an especially nice touch. I am thinking about ordering one of these for myself. Anyway, I am re-wrapping the boxes in your excellent packaging (with a couple of jewelry pieces in each) for the ladies in my family. I know they will enjoy these gifts. Thanks so much, and Happy Holidays, Mark, Boise, Idaho

 Al, I received the cutting board yesterday, just as you said. I had gold wrapping paper at home so I unwrapped it to see the maple cutting board I was giving as a gift to my boss and his wife this morning and it's truly beautiful. Thank you! Lotus, New York City

Mr. Ladd, I received your package on Friday. The workmanship was as great as I imagined it to be. On Sunday, your jewelry box played a vital role in my engagement proposal to my girlfriend. She loved it as well and we are both hopeful that this small treasure can be passed down from this generation to the next. I am including a picture taken just a few minutes after I asked the BIG question. The Amish quilt box is on the table. Thanks once again for everything. Sincerely, Kameran & Kimberly, Gainesville, Florida

 Al, I rcvd my order the other day and have just now opened it. This is the most beautiful workmanship I have ever seen! You are a true artist. I am very happy and will certainly be the best gift giver this Christmas. You have gained a very loyal customer and collector. Do you offer classes or internships? Thank you again, Tony

 I got the box on Saturday and I love it. I'm about to give an engagement ring to my girlfriend, the most meaningful gift I'm ever going to give anyone, and I didn't think the standard ring box did the ring justice. Your's however definitely does. Thanks so much, Kyle, Marina Del Rey, CA

Hi there ... The ring boxes have arrived safely here in London and they are very beautiful - very many thanks. It was most interesting reading the articles about your work and I must say your place sounds and looks idyllic - quite different from our rather difficult urban surroundings... Your boxes will help us remember that beauty, peace and sanctity can still be found on our sometimes beleaguered planet and particularly on the internet - there's hope everywhere! Peter, London, England

Hello Al, Chopping block arrived yesterday 7th! It's super and I know it will be greatly admired and appreciated. Many thanks Al and I'll be in touch again in the future! Jo, Nottingham,England

Thank you both for your service and attention to detail. I purchased the first ring box (heart/dark wood) last February. It held the promise ring I gave my girlfriend on our 6 month anniversary. The ring was a family heirloom and required something special in the way of a box. Yours fit the bill perfectly. Now, I will be proposing to her soon and of course, the ring I have chosen to drop to a knee with is special in it's own way. I looked high and low for something as special as your box and could not find anything. So my only course of action was to purchase another of your boxes. I chose the lighter version of the heart ring box this time to differentiate between the two rings. I look forward to both seeing and using it on our special day. Thank you again and have a great year! V/R, Tom , Clearwater, Florida

 Hi Al, I received the jewelry box you sent. It is absolutely beautiful! I thought it might amuse you to know that I am a volunteer editor the the ODP (Open Directory Project) and was working in the woodcraft listing when I found your web site waiting in the queue. I reviewed your site for listing, and once I was in there, I couldn't resist buying one of your beautiful works of art. Once again, you do wonderful work. Thank you. Regards, Cathy, Mission Viejo, CA

 The online photographs of the jewelry box didn't do the real thing justice! My wife loves it! Al's work is amazing and I'm honored we own one of his creations. If ever anyone asks about a jewelry box for their wife or girlfriend, I'll certainly pass your website along. Thanks again, Wade, Smithtown, New York

What a wonderful Jewelry box! My love Lynda is thrilled at having such a treasure, and I hope to gradually fill the box with delights for her over the years. Mel, Abingdon, VA

Just wanted you to know I received the box yesterday. Wow! What beautiful work! My husband and I love it. The detail is incredible. Thanks again so much. You folks are incredible! With Gratitude, Renate, Torrance, California

 I just placed an order with you for a cutting board, to give as a gift to a friend. I have a board just like the one I just ordered from you; I've been using it for, well, I\'m not sure how long, but well over 10 years. I bought it from the Calico Cat in Baltimore, Maryland. Alas, they have stopped carrying your cutting boards and I haven\'t been able to find the boards locally. My friend has admired mine and I wanted to give her a very special thank you gift. Remembering that she admired mine, I was hoping against hope that I could find you online, even though I didn't know your name. Imagine my surprise when I Googled \"handcrafted wooden cutting boards\" and the very first link I clicked on got me to your website. I love GOOGLE. I love my board and always enjoy using it. It is in beautiful shape even though I use several times on most days. I lives on my kitchen counter. I use it for cutting everything: fruits, vegetables and meats. My knives love it too. All I do is let it soak up as much mineral oil (the stuff Williams Sonoma sells) - as it will take - on both sides - a few times a year. Thank you for making such an aesthetically pleasing and functional work of art. I am looking forward to giving my friend this gift. Cynthia Al